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Allimax Nutraceuticals, Allimax PrePro - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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AlliMax Pre-Pro™ Capsules with Allisure AC-23 (450 mg) - 60 count (bottle) •Prebiotic & Probiotics

•Digestive Enzymes

Allimax Prepro™ is specifically designed for maximum benefit and contains the worlds finest enzymes. Plant protease, acid stable protease and bromelain which break down proteins to smaller chains of amino acids and individual amino acids - Amino acids are used by the body as building blocks. Cellulase for breaking down cellulose, xylan and beta glucan contained in many fruits and vegetables. Amylase for breaking down starch. Lipase for breaking down fat. Lactase for breaking down lactose (milk sugar) to glucose and galactose.

Allimax PrePro™ capsules sophisticated refinement allows us to capture garlic's active component, Allicin and deliver it to where the body needs it.

How to use Allimax PrePro capsules Allimax PrePro™ capsules contain 200 mg. of stabilized Allisure AC-23 allicin powder, a balanced blend of 5 probiotic strains that equal (5 active billion bacteria) 5 digestive enzymes and FOS a prebiotic. This means that PrePro™ can be used to help resolve a number of digestive conditions especially where the gut flora is in dysbiosis.

Dosage: Take 2 capsule a day with meals.

Supplement Facts
Serivng size: 2 capsules with a meal
Each capsule contains
200mg Allisure® Allicin powder
175mg Protexin 5 strain friendly bacteria
75mg Lipase digestive enzyme
FOS (Fructo-oligo-saccharide), arrier for Protexin
Keep in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
Each bottle contains vegetarian 60 capsules with 200 mg of Allisure® AC-23 per capsule and 32 mg blend of 5 digestive enzymes (amylase, bromelain, lactase, lipase & cellulase), 118 mg blend of 8 probiotics (acidophilus, bifidum, helveticus, plantarum, salivarius, thermophilus, faecium & reuteri) and 25mg of FOS, a prebiotic in a 100% vegetarian capsule.  Free of wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, artificial colors or flavors.

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