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Biotics Research, 10-Day BioDetox Kit (Whey)

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10-Day BioDetox Kit (Whey)

10-Day BioDetox Kit (Whey) by Biotics Research

The 10 Day Bio-Detox kit contains (2) Nutriclear, (1) Detox packs (30 Packs), (1) Whey Concentrate OR (1) Rice Protein Concentrate, and (1) Polycarbonate Shake bottle w/mixer.

Step 1- is focusing on reducing acute/chronic inflammation, this is followed by removal common food allergens from your diet and anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements are included to inhibit the inflammatory response mechanisms. Step 1 lasts for 6-7 days.

Step 2- consists of a thorough detoxification program designed to eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria from the body. This phase lasts either 10-20 days depending on the toxicity level.

Step 3- is the regeneration/repair phase and is designed to provide the necessary building blocks the body needs to repair damaged cartilage, joints and tissue. We recommend a deep tissue therapeutic massage followed by a chiropractic visit to restore alignment.

NutriClear: A rice based , hypoallergenicclearing formula designed to support healthy GO function and normal detoxification pathways.
Bio-Detox Packs: Suppies convenient to use packets of multiple supplement products known to support helathy digestive function and gastrointestinal health, and provides broad nutritional support for normal detoxification pathways.
Rice Protein Concentrate: Hypoallergenic sorce of supplemental protein.

Each 10-Day BioDetox kit supplies 2 containers of NutriClear, 1 container of Whey Protein Isolate, and 1 container of the Bio-Detox Packs (30 packs/container). It also includes a shaker cup.


The 10-Day BioDetox Kit was formulated with ease of use. Great care went into the creation of this program whereby the liver-gastrointestinal connection and its resulting inflammation are addressed.

This program supports all 3 stages of the detoxification process:

  • Step I. Decreasing Inflammation
  • Step II. Metabolic Cleansing
  • Step III. Regeneration & Repair.

This program supports all 3 stages of the detoxification process:

  • Step I. Decreasing Inflammation

  • Step II. Metabolic Cleansing

  • Step III. Regeneration & Repair.


Each 10-Day BioDetox Kit (Whey) Contains:

(2) NutriClear (1) Whey Protein Isolate (1) Bio-Detox Packs (1) Shaker cup

30 packets for a 10-day supply, each packet contains:

  • 2 tabs A.D.P.®– Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-amoebic, used for gut cleaning.
  • 2 tabs Bromelain Plus CLA™– digests food reducing allergens, also used to digest eggs of parasites.
  • 1 tab Livotrit Plus®– eastern and western botanicals that are naturally high in plant based antioxidants, used to detoxify, protect and regenerate the liver.
  • 3 tabs Beta-TCP™– opens the biliary tree and allows toxins to exit the body via intestines.
  • 1 cap BioProtect™– full spectrum antioxidant that will regenerate the body’s natural antioxidants as well as provide antioxidants to protect the body as free radicals are released from fat storage.
  • 2 caps Optimal EFAs Caps™– balanced EFAs promote gut healing and systemic pain and inflammation reduction.
  • 1 cap MCS-2®– updated “Metabolic Clearing Support” to further liver detoxification and provides vitamins, minerals and botanicals necessary for advanced liver detoxification.


If pregnant, nursing, or taking other medications, consult healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

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