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Biotics Research, Pea Protein Isolate - 21 oz

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Commitment to nutritional well being through innovative ideas and innovative products; that pretty well says what Biotics Research Corporation is all about. What we do and how we do it, distinguishes us. We are a company whose innovations have led to a series of firsts. We have explored new areas and mapped the way in the food supplement industry, greatly benefiting the field of clinical nutrition.

Our Pea Protein Isolate is a non-GM, gluten-free source of protein with an excellent amino acid profile. It may be used as a supplemental source of protein, or along with our Bio-Detoxification Program.

Dosage: Three (3) level scoops of Pea Protein Isolate mixed with eight (8) ounces of cool water (or the beverage of your choice). Add product to the liquid for ease of mixing.

Active Ingredients: 
Pea Protein Isolate. Calories - 135, Total Fat - 3g, Cholesterol - 0mg, Sodium - 340mg. Total Carbohydrates - 2g, Dietary Fiber 1g, Protein 25g, Calcium - 3%, Iron - 43%
Other Ingredients: 
Typical amino acid profile: Alanine - 1,044 mg, Arginine - 2,075 mg, Aspartic acid - 2,922 mg, Cystine - 172 mg, Glutamic acid - 4,328 mg, Glycine - 967 mg, Histidine - 584 mg, Isoleucine† - 1,084 mg, Leucine† - 2,059 mg, Lysine - 1,947 mg, Methionine - 266 mg, Phenylalanine - 1,303 mg, Proline - 1,015 mg, Serine - 1,303 mg, Threonine - 878 mg, Tryptophan - 219 mg, Tyrosine - 884 mg, Valine† - 1,172 mg. †Branched chain amino acids. All values are typical and representative, but should not be considered exact. This product is gluten and dairy free. This product is made from non-genetically modified, organic pea.
Product Warnings: 

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