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Colmans Mustard Powder - 2 oz

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Colman's English mustard has been the favored mustard of both the Royal Family and the British nation since 1814. Hot and hearty, that's the Colman's English mustard sensation.

Hot and hearty, that's the Colman's English mustard sensation

Colman's Of Norwich Hot Dry Mustard:

  • A double superfine mustard powder
  • Hot and hearty

Colman's English Mustard has been the favoured mustard of both the Royal Family and the British Nation since 1814.

Only Colman's expertise in mustard milling can deliver that famous mustard kick . To enjoy Colman's in true British style pair with roasts sausage cold meats or liven up your sandwichs and dips. Hot and hearty - that's the Colman's English Mustard sensation!


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To make up Colman's Powder Mustard to serve as a simple condiment with food, only cold water should be used. Mix with equal quantity of water and allow ten minutes standing time to allow the full flavor to develop. The water acts as a catalyst that helps yield the essential oil of mustard which produces that unmistakable taste.


The strength of flavor diminishes with time so we recommend that you make your mustard fresh each time. A pinch or two of dry mustard will perk up a vinaigrette dressing or can be added to mayonnaise to make a tasty dip.

Ingredients: Mustard flour.

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