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Detach N Go 7 Day Detachable Pill Organizer with Pill Cutter

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The Smart Pill Box Organizer  - It's Detachable!Product InformationThis is not your typical pill box organizer!  Most pill organizers are one unit that have small partments and the pill cutter must be purchased separately.  T

his stylish colorful Detach N' Go 7-Day Single Daily Pill Organizer with Pill Cutter has eight separate detachable and interlocking partments.  This organizer gives you the choice to carry the entire organizer or you can pick and choose which daily partment(s) you would like to take with including the cutter.  To detach you simply slide the desired partments apart by pulling up on one side and  holding the other side in place. 

To re-attach you line up the bottom grove of the detached partments with the interlocking groove of the other partment.  Simply push down and slide together to re-attach.The pill organizer that helps courage patient pill pliance.  Ideal for vitamins too!Product FeaturesEasily see the pill finder with its distinct bright colorsEach of the seven days are labeled with a letter (M T W T F S S)

The 7 single daily partments are in purpleThe pill cutter is in green and labeled cutter8 detachable and interlocking partmentEasy to use at home work or on the goIdeal for today's active lifestyleHelps people stay on their prescribed medication scheduledKeep your included pill cutter with your medication (cutter not applicable for all pills)

7 day / Single Day

  • Detachable Pill Cutter With Organizer
  • 8 Detachable and interlocking Compartments

colors Each of the seven days are labeled with a letter

Detach N' Go 7-Day Single Daily Pill Organizer

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