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Douglas Labs, Xtra-Cell Immunity Frozen - 9Milliliter/24 Bottles

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Xtra-Cell Immunity 9ml/24 Bottles(Frozen) is available by Douglas Laboratories.


HEALTH FUNCTION: Respiratory Support

Xtra-Cell® Immunity (Frozen)

A Dietary Supplement

9 ml. Bottle (24 Bottles)

More Info:
Xtra-Cell® Immunity is a frozen liquid extract to support healthy immune function that consists of specific proteins, peptides and other growth factors and signaling molecules obtained from aqueous extracts of porcine thymus, liver and spleen tissues.

Direction of use As a dietary supplement, 1 bottle daily.

Supplement Facts:

Suggested Usage: 1 bottle daily


Each 9 ml. Bottle Contains:
Porcine Thymus Aqueous extract ...0.19 fl. oz (5.5 ml.)
Porcine Liver Aqueous extract ...0.06 fl. oz (1.75 ml.)
(enriched with Mesenchyme 125X)
Porcine Spleen Aqueous extract ...0.06 fl. oz (1.75 ml.)
(enriched with Mesenchyme 125X)

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