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Good Clean Love - Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla - 4 oz

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Good Clean Love organic personal lubricants provide the freshest, sweetest and most healing lubrication available. -- 95% Organic Ingredients -- No Petrochemicals - No Parabens -- Recommended by medical professionals nationwide -- Cruelty free - 100% vegan -- Safe for latex and toys.

Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla All Natural Personal Lubricant makes love sustainable. Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla Personal Lubricant infusion of whole cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans is like a warm cinnamon bun, too good to be true.

Good Clean Love personal lubricants are the cleanest, sweetest, truly natural water-based lubricants available. Good Clean Love infuses their products with real herbs and flowers to create deep and true scents. All Good Clean Love lubricants are made with aloe vera, xanthan gum and agar agar (seaweed) to create a smooth and long lasting glide.

Good Clean Love uses a triple preservative system of benzoic acid (food grade preservative), less than 10% vegetable glycerin (antibacterial and lends a sweet taste), and a natural enzymatic preservative system (glucose, glucose oxidase, and lactoperioxidase), which continuously preserves in the bottle.

All Good Clean Love lubricants are edible and delicious. Safe for latex condoms, toys and for use throughout pregnancy, they are also 99.99% vegan, with no animal products or animal testing.

Lubrication is at the core of good feelings in sexuality. It allows for glide, ease and effectiveness. When lubrication is working well, it is invisible, a thought we don't have. When it isn't working, we know it immediately, although not always by its name.

Often this physiological issue which affects 40% of women is accompanied by a lack of sexual drive because our natural lubrication also acts as a sign that we are aroused. Age, childbearing and nursing and some medications are often the cause of vaginal dryness and its associated pain in sex.

To Use: Apply generously and reactivate glide with a wet kiss or a few drops or water.

Ingredients Deionized water, Xanthan gum, Agar, organic Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Natural extractives of Vanilla bean and cinnamon, Potassium Sorbate, Benzoic Acid

  • 95% Organic Ingredients
  • No Petrochemicals - No Parabens
  • Cruelty Free - 100% Vegan

Coloration is a normal derivative of the infusion of natural herbs and flowers.

Certified Orgasmic!

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