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Kan Herb Company, Arouse Vigor Liquid - 1 Ounce

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Arouse Vigor, by Kan Herbals, is available in a 120 and 60 tablet form, as well as a 1, 2 & 4 oz bottle.

Historical Antecedent: Benefit the Middle and Boost the Qi Decoction

Chinese Action: Supplements original Qi, raises Yang, adjusts and fortifies Spleen and Stomach

Indications (symptoms):
Sluggishness, fatigue, tired limbs
Digestive problems, appetite disorders
Breathing difficulties
Headache, sensitivity to drafts and cold, sweating disorders
Hemorrhoids, prolapse of stomach or uterus, enuresis, frequent urination
Dizziness, loss of voice, chronic sore throat, poor vision and tinnitus whenever a vacuous Qi pattern underlies the situation
Some bio-medical uses are anemia, chronic bronchitis, myasthenia gravis, chronic prostatitis, chronic dysentery, chronic hepatitis and disorders of a compromised immune system

Contraindicated in Yin vacuity, Upper Burner Phlegm, excess Qi asthma, Middle Burner Damp Heat

Only the finest hand-selected Chinese herbs are used. Rigorous manufacturing standards are applied at each stage of production.

Direction of use as a dietary supplement, adults take 8-16 driops, 2-3 times  daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:


Astragalus root
Dong Quai root head
Chinese red ginseng root & tail
Chinese cimicifuga rhizome
Bupleurum root
(white) rhizome
Chinese licorice root
Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit

Water 55% to 65% by volume
Alcohol 18% to 22% by volume

To evaporate alcohol, place drops in hot water.

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