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Mighty Crunch Strawberry Banana Freeze Dried Fruit Snack - 1.7 oz

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Mighty CrunchTM Snacks satisfy a crunchy craving with zero guilt. These freeze-dried fruit snacks are 100% natural, 100% real fruit. They are packed full of powerful nutrients and vitamins because freeze-drying is the gentlest way to preserve them.

Not practical to pack fresh sliced strawberries and bananas? Grab Mighty CrunchTM Strawberry and Banana Slices. Snacking accounts for 25% of the calories consumed by Americans. Now, think about the kinds of foods people tend to snack on. Most of it is highly processed with a list of ingredients a mile long.

The snacks kept within reach are not friends to the waistline or to health. Time to change that! Mighty CrunchTM is a great Health Ally! Avoid all the impossible to pronounce ingredients, full of artificial colors and flavors that trick people into thinking they are eating real food.

Most are full of ingredients that are sabotaging health such as heavily processed oils, sugars, fake ingredients, and phony fillers. Instead, keep the real deal within reach! Mighty CrunchTM is the whole food snack that will help when resisting heavily processed snacks. Mighty CrunchTM is ready to go on any adventure! It is made using the most advanced technology for preserving powerful nutrients & tremendous taste: freeze-drying.

This gives these fruit slices that irresistible crunch and awesome ability to be stored or travel, all while retaining the highest levels of nutrients and vitamins. Mighty CrunchTM fruits have protective phytochemicals that help fight disease. They pack a powerful punch for the good of health. Not only is Mighty CrunchTM a crisp, tasty, satisfying snack, it is good for you, too! Challenge: You vs. a greasy bag of chips. Who wins the battle?

  • Gently Freeze-Dried to Preserve Vitamins and Nutrients
  • No Added Sugar, No Oil, No Sulphur
  • Fruits Picked at Peak Ripeness!
  • 100% Natural Healthy Snack to Have on Hand

Indications Take Mighty CrunchTM on road trips, camping, hiking - anywhere! Keep it on hand for a guilt-free snack in the car, at the office, or out running errands.

Ingredients: Strawberry and Banana Slices
Net Weight: 1.7 oz (48.5g)
Servings: 5

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