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Natural Ophthalmics, Tear Stimulation Dry Eye Drops(Women)(Dry Eye/Women) - 15 ML

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Homeopathic eye drops: Sterile, non-preserved, pH balanced, isotonic ophthalmic solution
containing seven homeopathic active ingredients, micro-diluted and homeopathically potentized between 5x and 12x. NoSting. Safe for pregnant women & children. Ok for use with contact lenses in place. There are no known side effects or drug interactions.

Direction of use As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:

One to three drops in affected eye/s as needed throughout the day or night. Let the symptoms be the
guide and use the drops again before full symptoms return. Drops may be used several times per day or hourly if needed.


Alumina HPUS 10x: Indicated for dryness of the eyes and other mucous membranes due to lack of aqueoussecretion. Sjogrens Syndrome. Arsenicum album HPUS 12x: Indicated for severe dryness due to inflammation and ulceration. Nux moschata HPUS 6x: Nux m. is the main remedy indicated for severe aqueous deficiency such as with Sjogrens Syndrome. Zincum met HPUS 10x.: Indicated for extreme dryness, inflammation and burning. Euphrasia (Eyebright) HPUS 5x: Eyebright is often referred to as a tonic for the eyes and is indicated for inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea and lids, including meibomiam glands. Symptoms include redness, dryness, lachrymation and burning of the lid margin.

Additional Ingredients Specifically for Women:

Pulsatilla HPUS 8x: Indicated for dry eye associated with hormonal fluctuation, both on a monthly basis or with menopause.
Sepia HPUS 8x: Indicated for dryness which develops after menopause or hormonal imbalance.

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