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Wu-Yi Tea Company - Wu-Yi Diet Control Tea Peppermint - 25 Tea Bags

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Made with certified organic green tea-Contains Caffeine

  • Infused with powerful extracts
  • Added Garcinia Cambogia for appetite suppression
  • Mild peppermint aroma
  • Loaded with antioxidants

Wu-Yi Diet Control Tea is specifically formulated to combat against hunger in your quest for better health through weight loss. It is enriched with fat burning polyphenols and Garcinia Cambogia which have been known to help control the appetite and improve health.  Wu-Yi has infused this tea with organic extract high in antioxidants. It contains 2 times the antioxidant level as a regular cup of tea.
Potential benefits of drinking this tea may include:

  • Suppress the Appetite 
  • Boost Energy 
  • Increase Metabolism 
  • Aid in Digestion

The Wu-Yi Tea Company is named after the pristine and glorious Wu-Yi Mountains in the Fujian Province of China. Wu-Yi Tea from this region is known to be some of the most sought after and highly regarded tea in the world. Each of Wu-Yi proprietary blends is speifically formulated to aid in your better health and well being Try all of Wu-Yi Teas today to see what fits your lifestyle the best and cheers to your better health!

A Quick Lesson on Tea and Health Wu-Yi Tea is the fastest growing healthy way to diet! The reason behind the popularity? It is an all natural way to lose weight while getting health benefits. How many diets can you say actually gives you health benefits back?

Let’s see none that I can think of. What makes Wu-Yi Tea so healthy? Well it all begins with the almighty tea leaf. Most of the health benefits of tea stem directly from (no pun intended)the camellia sinensis leaf which is loaded with powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are the same powerful substances that you can find in all kinds of healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The specific antioxidants of Wu-Yi Tea include polyphenols, EGCGs and Catechins.

Let’s get one thing straight. Green tea and Oolong Tea are almost the exact same thing. They are from the exact same plant the camellia sinensis plant. Whether the tea leaf becomes green tea or wu-yi tea (oolong tea) is the amount of fermentation of the tea leaf. Green tea is fermented just a bit less than oolong tea. It is similar to the fermentation of grapes when making wine. There are various typed of white wine depending on the amount of time the same type of white grape is fermented. This is the same type of scenario. Green tea is fermented 5-10% while wu-yi tea or oolong tea is fermented at a rate of 20-50%.

So while green tea is thought to have great health benefits, Wu-Yi tea is also loaded with amazing health benefits, including weight loss benefits. As a matter of fact, the little bit of extra fermentation of the wu-yi tea leaf is known to produce even more fat fighting polyphenols than drinking regular green tea. That is why Wu-Yi Tea is better for weight loss than just drinking green tea.

For weight loss support and health benefits drink 2-4 cups of tea throughout the day.

How to make the best cup of tea
To get the most out of your healthy beverage, heat fresh spring water to just before a boil and then pour over your tea bag and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. You may then add lemon, honey or other natural flavorings to taste. You may pour your tea over ice for a refreshing cold beverage. Enjoy!

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 tea bag (makes 8 fl oz)
Servings Per Container: 25
 Amount Per Serving%DV*
Wu-Yi Cliff Oolong Tea900mg*
Green Tea Extract100mg*
Proprietary Blend1000mg 
Peppermint Leaves *
Ginseng (panax quinquefolium) *
Garcinia Cambogia *
Gymnema Sylvestre *
Green Coffee Bean Extract *
Mint Herb *
Stevia Leaf *
*Daily Value Not Established. †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Natural Peppermint Flavors
Contains Caffeine

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